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"In order to conquer the road ahead one must go the distance"

Aaron Williams


A Bit About Me

A life of Boxing

I'm a licensed Professional Boxer from Kinston, NC I've been training since I was 13 years old and still going strong. I had a very short amateur career because it just wasn't for me. I went pro at age 21. I loved every minute of it but didn't stick too it and began working to take care of my family. I love Boxing! I want to do this for the rest of my life if God sees fit for me to do so and I want to help others find the same enjoyment for it as I do or gain something else from it like a healthier mind and body! Boxing saved my life in a way I grew up as a street fighter and eventually it was going to end very bad for me. Boxing isn't just my favorite combat sport it's my hero. 


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Kids Training

Kid trainings $15.00 dollars per kid per hour (first session free after consultation) or $30.00 dollars per two days or 225.00 for a monthly package and gloves are $20.00 dollars a pair

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Adult training

Adult trainings are $20.00 dollars per hour per person (half off on your first day after consultation) or $35.00 dollars per two days or $350.00 for a monthly package and gloves are $40.00 dollars

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Family training

If you are looking to join and want to bring a child/children gloves & heart welcomes you and your family to join us. This can be great for parent and child bonding, exercise, and fun. It will be well worth it for parent and child. Prices start at $20.00 per child/parent $10.00 for every other child/adult added. 

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What's Important

What’s Going On?


Due to the pandemic I will not be training groups bigger than 5. Also I ask that masks be worn while training and if there is an issue we will figure it out. 


If you do not have Cashapp or PayPal please inform me and we'll workout a different means of payment for you. Thank you